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16th July 2019

John Spiers Joins The Gigspanner Big Band

John Spiers is an extraordinary musician, and when we were thrown together at 'Folkeast' Festival, I had no idea that our playing together would lead to such a rich and rewarding partnership.

As well as our duo tours, John had also guested with The Gigspanner Big Band a few times, and it was always in the back of my mind that one day we could ask John to join The Big Band. He is such a great sensitive player, and of course very experienced and aware of what life is like in a Big Band. When I asked John, his response was an immediate 'Yes'. I am so pleased and excited about this.

Since leaving Steeleye at the end of 2013, I have certainly been fortunate in the way my musical endeavours have blossomed. Not down to me really. More down to those around me who care about me. Especially a huge thanks to my wife Deborah. Full of good ideas to keep things, and me, moving in the right direction.

So there we have it. We now have a six piece Big Band that will be rehearsing new material, and recording this year's November tour for a new CD to be released early next year.

What could possibly go wrong :)

Best wishes, Peter.


5th May 2019

Acorn Arts Centre is Tuesday May 7th.

Apologies. Last night I discovered that I had posted the wrong date on this site for the Gigspanner gig at the Acorn Arts Centre in Penzance. The correct date is Tuesday May 7th.

I am so sorry if this mistake has caused anyone any inconvenience.

30th April 2019

John Spiers to join Peter Knight's Gigspanner for Four Special Dates.

We know that many of you have fallen under the spell of Peter and John's beautiful improvisations around traditional tunes, and so it is with great pleasure that we announce that John will be joining Gigspanner for the final four dates of their April/May tour.

The dates are...

May 9th Cecil Sharp House, London

May 10th St Edith Folk, Kemsing, Sevenoaks

May 11th The Izzard Theatre, Bexhill-on-Sea

May 12th Old Chapel, Alfriston


1st of February 2019

If you check our website with any regularity, you will have noticed that it has been a while since any updates have been made, other than to the gig dates page, and for this we can only apologise.

We do in fact have a new website under development, and hope that it won't be too long before we can present it to the world.

However, our Facebook page is extremely active, in fact we have two! One is a 'Fan' page, and the other one is a 'Friends' page.

If you send us a friends request, you will find all kinds of regular updates...not just about work related matters, but photos and videos of our travels and things going on at home in France. That is the page where it all happens.

In the meantime, have you seen this full concert footage of the Gigspanner Big Band's set at Shrewsbury Festival?



October 20th 2018

A new Video from Perrine.

Our valued friend Perrine Nouvier, came to a recent gig in St. Pierre Cherignat, and filmed us during the soundcheck. She then took some of this footage and incorporated it with some of her own stunning artwork to create a story board for our track 'Urban's Reel'.



August 22nd 2018

Gigspanner Big Band PLUS Knight & Spiers Double Bill Concert The Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury. August 23rd 2018.

Tickets for this rare double-bill concert are selling fast.

The concert will conclude with John Spiers joining the Gigspanner Big Band, making it the even Bigger Band!

May 17th 2018

New Video by Perrine Nouvier. 'Green Gravel' from 'The Wife of Urban Law' .


Tune for this song written by Fay Hield. Thanks Fay.


February 7th 2018

Latest Reviews for 'The Wife of Urban Law'

"They delight in taking the familiar to magical places yet unexplored, combining voice with unpredictable musical improvisation to create an engaging, original retelling" Folk London Magazine

"The Wife of Urban Law, out last October, was inspired by a gravestone from 1884 in an obscure Oxfordshire graveyard. This unorthodox concept seems to embody the consistently unique qualities this group possess"

February 6th 2018

Gigspanner Big Band Review: Northern Sky

"This is an album best served with the lights down and the volume turned up to match that of a live performance. With no visual distractions, the 'closed eyes' routine works best. One of those rare occasions that a live album works really well".

Thanks to Allan Wilkinson. Read the full review at:

January 14th 2018

Fatea Awards

We were over the moon to hear that Peter has been awarded Fatea's 'Instrumentalist Of The Year Award for achievement in 2017' Fatea Magazine has been hugely supportive of both Gigspanner and the Gigspanner Big Band over the past 12 months, and we thank them hugely for that.

December 23rd 2017

A Winter Special

Gigspanner has had an extraordinary year, probably our best one yet, with a wealth of highlights to look back on with great pleasure.

Sharing a stage with Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin as the Gigspanner Big Band along with John Spiers was up there with the best, and so we couldn't resist pulling the lineup together again for another outing.

The double-bill lineup of the Gigspanner Big Band and Knight and Spiers will be heading to Warwick Arts Centre on Monday February the 26th.

December 21st 2017

Maverick Magazine Review 5*****

"Gigspanner are pushing at the boundaries and expanding the possibilities, and in the process making some of the most beautiful music the genre has to offer. They are a band who get better with every outing, studio or live, and this album cements their standing as one of the most interesting, vital and exciting outfits on the scene Outstanding"

Full Review

Songlines Magazine Review 4****

"An imaginative, questing spirit runs right through this album" Songlines ****

December 16th 2017

Broadstairs Festival

There is already so much to look forward to in 2018, and another fabulous festival we have to look forward to as the Gigspanner Big Band is Broadstairs Folk Week.

11th December 2017

Sidmouth Folk Week

More great festival news! The Gigspanner Big Band will be performing at next year's legendary Sidmouth Folk Week, and it gets better than that as Peter is also performing with John Spiers as new duo, Knight and Spiers.

7th December 2017

Shrewsbury Folk Festival

We are hugely excited to announce that The Gigspanner Big Band , featuring Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin, will be performing at Shrewsbury Folk Festival 2018.

21st November 2017

Mojo's Best Folk Albums 2017

The Wife of Urban Law has made Mojo Magazine's 'Best Folk Albums of 2017' list, which we are absolutely thrilled about!

17th November 2017

Five Star Reviews

5* Reviews for 'The Wife of Urban Law' and the Gigspanner Big Band 'Live' in the new issue of R2 Magazine.

"Spectacular. The sound is immaculate - another candidate for Album of the Year" Live

"Whatever they do, they just get better and better" The Wife of Urban Law

10th November 2017

The Wife of Urban Law: Press quotes from Folk Radio UK, fRoots and Folk Words

"From one of the most quietly brilliant sets of musicians in the folk world and beyond, The Wife of Urban Law is an album of stunning and sustained beauty. It is genuinely exciting to hear a band expanding the possibilities of folk music in so many different directions" Folk Radio UK

"Peter Knight's Gigspanner are reshaping tradition in fascinating ways” fRoots

"The Wife of Urban Law is both expansive and progressive. Innovation abounds as does enlightened exploration. Another fine example of Gigspanner taking tradition into realms it never thought to inhabit" FolkWords.

31st of October 2017

Album Release Day Has Arrived...

"‘The Wife of Urban Law’, releases 31 October and is both expansive and progressive...Innovation abounds as does enlightened exploration.Another fine example of Gigspanner taking tradition into realms it never thought to inhabit"

This is lifted from a review from FolkWords. Read full review at

Today marks the release of our fourth album, The Wife of Urban Law.

The name was inspired by an inscription on a tombstone in an Oxfordshire graveyard.

The release coincides with the first date of a 26 date tour, starting today in Hythe, Kent and finishing, quite appropriately, in Oxfordshire.

All dates are listed at

Buy the album online at

20th of October 2017

The Wife of Urban Law Pre-Orders

Copies of the new album can be pre-orderd from our online shop here.

The official release date is October 31st, the start of our UK tour.

For a full list of our tour dates see here

17th of October 2017

'Wife of Urban Law' ~ Featured Album Review from Folk Radio UK

"From one of the most quietly brilliant sets of musicians in the folk world, The Wife of Urban Law is an album of stunning and sustained beauty.

The manner in which the band play fast and loose with the idea of traditional song structures is a major part of their appeal. It is genuinely exciting to hear a band expanding the possibilities of folk music in so many different directions"

Read full review here:

15th of October 2017

Gigspanner Big Band 'Live' ~ Featured Album Review from Folk Radio UK

"The Gigspanner Big Band are a unique musical proposition; they are taking folk music down new and enthralling paths. They are also one of the most exciting live bands you are likely to see this year (or any year, for that matter), and this recording documents their energy, skill and hard work brilliantly"

Read the full review here:

15th of October 2017

Heartfelt Thanks....

Thank you to everyone who supported our Crowdfunding campaign and helped us to achieve an incredible 128% of our target. Your albums, t.shirts, posters and VIP tickets are winging their way to you.

7th of October 2017

Our Crowdfunding Campaign - A Success Story, Thanks To Many

With 9 days of the campaign still to play out, we are at 124% of our target, all thanks to the lovely folks we dubbed 'Team Urban'. That is a great result, so our hugs and thanks to you all.

Just because the target has been reached, the pledge shop is still open for business and goods available to buy.

There are just two of the signed albums left, and still a selection of VIP Concert packages up for grabs, plus many other items.

Find out more at

6th of October 2017

The Wife of Urban Law ~ Snippets from Early Reviews

"Beautiful, heart wrenching" Fatea Magazine

"Incredibly powerful ~ outstanding” BBC Radio Wales

"Typically imaginative...a brilliant tour de force. Hypnotically captivating, peerless with poise, Gigspanner is distinctively sui generis" The Living Tradition

"Hypnotic, infectious, inventive and utterly unique, Peter Knight’s Gigspanner continue to shine" Get Ready to Rock

1st of October 2017

Gigspanner Big Band 'Live' Album - Outstanding Review from Fatea Magazine

"And what a fabulous team they make, together producing a hypnotic, intensely realised fusion which develops organically out of a traditional folk base into a startlingly new musical form with few if any true antecedents even within the hallowed worlds of prog and folk-rock.

Although the original traditional songs as presented by Gigspanner are still recognisable from their sources, the onward flights of musical and interpretive fancy are staggering in their natural invention, often arising out of impressionistic flourishes conjured by the texts. It's inevitable that Phillip and Hannah's artistry provides a new dimension to Gigspanner's already pioneering music, but here the whole is even greater than the sum of the individual (and even collective) parts"

1st of October 2017

An Album of Photographs from Peter's 70th Birthday Concert at The Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury

Thank you to Alan Cole for this lovely album of photographs capturing Peter's 70th Birthday concert, which featured The Gigspanner Big Band and John Spiers, who performed with Peter as Knight and Spiers.

18th of September 2017

An Album of Photographs from The Gigspanner Big Band's Album

Thank you to Andrew Lester for capturing some images from Ashburton Church, Devon, on the 9th of August, when the Gigspanner Big Band launched their first album 'Live'.

14th of September 2017

New T.shirt Design for The Wife of Urban Law

An exclusive 2017 T-shirt to accompany ‘The Wife of Urban Law’ release.

The motif of the Death’s-head moth first appeared in Gigspanner’s ‘Death and the Lady’ video, and was the inspired idea of French film maker, Perrine Nouvier.

The artwork for The Wife of Urban Law by Tim Marrs has referenced the motif again.

When considering a design for the latest T.shirt, it seemed like an obvious choice of image.

Available from

8th of September 2017

The Story Behind the Album Title

'The Wife of Urban Law'

Who was Urban Law? And what's the story behind the album title?

All is revealed in the latest pledge update...

Thanks to the generosity of the people who have pre-ordered the album (a great way of getting it before its release) we are now at 77% of our goal.

Can we do this? We think that it is looking hopeful!

19th August 2017

New Album Launch: Crowdfunding Campaign

We are really excited to announce the launch of Gigspanner's very first Crowd-funding campaign, which has been devised by Edd Blakeley on the band's behalf.

Edd, who produced the album 'The Wife of Urban Law', is part of a fantastic and dedicated team involved in the various elements of the album's creation, and we are appealing to friends, followers and family to be part of the team that actually gets the album out into the world. We need your help, please!

The official launch date is the 31st of October, although pledgers will receive their copies two weeks early. In addition to the album, there is a range of other items to buy, including your own Gigspanner concert.

All information and an introductory video from Peter is found at this link:

Thanking you in advance for your support.

15th July 2017

The Gigspanner Big Band 'Live CD '

The Official release date for the first CD from The Gigspanner Big Band is August 9th 2017.

However, we have it available to purchase from our shop as a pre-order, and sound samples are also available. Pre-orders will be despatched as soon as we take delivery.

Who will be first?

7th June 2017

Festival of the Sea

Gigspanner will be headlining at the De La Warr Pavilion, Bexhill-on-Sea, as part of a celebration of the sea, on September the 3rd 2017.

Highly acclaimed, award winning jazz singer and pianist, Liane Carrol, will also be performing as part of the same concert.

For further information, follow this link:

3rd June 2017

A Special Concert to Celebrate Peter's 70th Birthday Year

The culmination of Gigspanner's exciting 'Cropredy Week' of concerts (see HERE for all dates), will be a unique, one-off concert to mark Peter's 70th Birthday year.

The Gigspanner Big Band, which also features BBC Folk Award winners Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin, will be joined by 'Squeezy' John Spiers, the brilliant Melodeon player best known for his work with Bellowhead and his duo work with Jon Boden.

The concert will take place at The Roses Theatre, Tewkesbury, on Sunday the 13th of August.
The stunning Artwork for the Poster was designed by Tim Marrs and Kate Williams


Roses Big band Poster


20th May 2017

Knight & Spiers Return to FolkEast 2017

In the summer of 2016, the organisers of FolkEast Festival had the grand idea of pairing Peter Knight and John Spiers for a special 'one off' concert at that year's festival.

In the event, it ended up being a genuine festival highlight, with no space to be found in the Marquee and people standing five deep in pouring rain. For a few minutes at the close of their performance, with a standing ovation and roars for more, it didn't seem as though the audience was going to let them was a genuinely spine tingling occasion. As the MC commented, it was one of those occasions when people could say "I was there".

It was clear that matters couldn't end there, and it is with great pleasure that we announce their return to FolkEast 2017.

Look out for details of their debut tour in March 2018. It's going to be a fabulous one. Knight and Spiers now have a Facebook page at

7th May 2017

New Track Available on Soundcloud

A version of 'Bold Riley', which was recorded especially for radio play, has now been added to Gigspanner's Soundcloud Profile.

15th April 2017

Gigspanner's 'Cropredy Week' Mini-Tour

Being invited to play at this year's Fairport Cropredy Convention, their 50th Anniversary no less, has led to a weeks worth of special concerts, with a variety of line-ups.
For full details, please visit the 'Live' page HERE


14th February 2017

Radio Interview and Exclusive New Track

BBC Radio Leeds folk show 'The Durbervilles' has an exclusive preview from our new studio album, and will be including it, along with an interview, in their show to be broadcast on the 19th of February.

Gigspanner band pic


8th February 2017

New Studio Album Update.....

A quick update. We are rehearsing and recording new material for our next CD, and are all really pleased with how the music is taking shape.

Sacha, our new drummer, is so good to work with when it comes to exploring the best feel for the songs and tunes. We are all in one mind when it comes to knowing when something works or doesn't.

It's easy to miss good ideas when they pop up amongst other ideas, maybe not immediately recognising that we may have found the way into the song. Sometimes you can work on an idea that goes nowhere, and then remember an idea from the day before and that's the one, the way in to the music that just feels right and comfortable.

It's hard work but very rewarding. What we don't do is to stop short and accept an arrangement that is not quite good enough. "That'll do " doesn't come into it. We are either blown away by what we discover, or drop the song or tune if there is no way in for us.

The endeavour is to take a trad song that we love, find the earliest and simplest version of the song, and then set about playing it in a way that suits us and the song. Change a few words maybe to make it singable, or write harmonies or melodies etc.

And a real bonus is that Sacha sings. One song we are working on opens with just fiddle and three part harmonies. Now we really are a boy band!

So far we have found a way in to four songs and a tune, and tonight we start recording those, whilst continuing work on others we have shortlisted.

Good luck studio



20th December 2016

Stop Press!

The rare Gigspanner Big Band featuring Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin, will be playing at Nettlebed Folk Club on Monday January the 16th 2017.

They will be using this opportunity to record a live album to be released in the summer to coincide with their appearance at Fairport's 50th Cropredy Convention on August the 11th.

There is no online ticketing, but details of how to book can be found at the link below.

19th December 2016

Interesting Times.

Hi all,

When Vincent pulled out of our recent tour to attend to family matters, none of us had any idea how the future would pan out. Short term we had to find someone to drum for us, and Sacha Trochet and Gary Hammond came to the rescue big time. They are both superb players and a joy to work with.

Long term we had some thinking to do.

At the end of the tour we met up with Vincent to discuss the future, and it seems that family matters must take priority for the unforeseeable future. Although both Sacha and Gary are busy musicians, Sacha is going to move hell and high water to be Gigspanner's drummer next year and beyond hopefully, and Gary will help out when Sacha is not available.

We also anticipate that there will be times when both Sacha and Gary are not available, and we have asked Vincent if we can call on him if the gig is close enough for him to drive home. He said yes.

These are certainly interesting times, and Debs has become a full time juggler.

So on and up. As long as the music is good, I don't mind what we have to go through.

Off to buy a new batch of thinking caps....

Talk soon,

Best wishes, Peter.

10th December 2016

Gigspanner Big Band Plays Cropredy

Our really big news, as many of you will have seen announced last night, is that the Gigspanner 'Big Band' with Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin, has the honour of playing at Fairport's 50th Cropredy Convention in August.

17th November 2016

The next twelve gigs

Our lovely drummer Vincent has had to leave the tour due to personal reasons on the home front.

There are two gigs that he can do because he can get home after the gig. These are Maidenhead and Winchelsea.

Luckily, Gary Hammond, a fantastic percussionist, is available to do the next seven gigs, and we have spent the day rehearsing the music. Gary is half of 'The Hut People'. His playing is superb. We are looking forward to the gigs hugely. The rehearsals were fantastic. We all left the village hall smiling

For the other four gigs left on the tour, we are joined by Sacha Trochet. Again, a great player with an amazing feel for the music. Really looking forward to playing with him.

Although this situation has been forced on us, it's none the less exciting to play with other good musicians, and if anything, there is an extra excitement about these next twelve gigs.

Our hearts go out to Vincent. He is devastated that he can't finish the tour. These things happen, and we all know that it's the music that's the star of the show, and not those who play it.

All the best for now, Peter, Roger and Debs.

Gigspanner. x

6th October 2016

'Layers of Ages' Now Available as Download

Layers of Ages can be downloaded in its entirety, or as individual tracks from

30th July 2016

French Gig Dates

Gigspanner will be playing three specially chosen venues in France during September, with one venue offering the opportunity to stay over and enjoy B and B in a very special location.

For further info, go Here:

Kateys place


28th July 2016

The Village Pump Festival

Thanks to the photographer Dave Pegg for these shots taken at The 2016 Village Pump Festival.

Peter was kept busy over the weekend, as in addition to Gigspanner' set, he also guested with Charlie Dore and Julian Littman, and festival organiser's John Alderslade's own band, Stonegallows.

Peter Knight


Peter and Roger

21st June 2016

Gigspanner Soundcheck Video from The Convent, Stroud 'She Moved Through The Fair'

17th April 2016

Shakespeare 400 'World on 3' Performance

As part of the Shakespeare 400 celebrations, Gigspanner has been invited by BBC Radio 3 to be part of a special 'World on 3' concert to be broadcast from Stratford-upon-Avon on April the 22nd. The concert will be held at 'The Other Place'.

There is a full program of free events being hosted by Radio 3 over the weekend of 22nd to 24th of April. For more information go to:

17th April 2016

'Big Band' Lineup with special Guests Phillip Henry & Hannah Martin April/May Tour News

Peter Knight, winner of two 'Best Musician' Awards in 2016, and his trio Gigspanner, join forces with BBC Folk Awards winners Phillip Henry and Hannah Martin for what will be a short series of truly extraordinary concerts by five musicians who are without question the real deal.

Separately, they have already built massive reputations for their imaginative and groundbreaking arrangements of both traditional and self-penned material, but put all five brilliant musicians together on the same stage - at the same time – and you have an incredibly special treat in store from the Gigspanner 'Big Band'....

Tour Dates:

Gigspanner big band








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